What a HORRORble week. ðŸŽƒ

😂😂😂 You see what I did there?

Awe! Come on! You have been following me long enough to know that I LOVE corny jokes. That’s mostly because I suck at them and I love to hear from others who suffer the same handicap. 😂

Really it wasn’t a horrible week (← 👀 I can spell horrible 😜).  If you consider shifting from your planning for the week and going by the seat of your pants horrible then yes. Yes it was. McRush and I had a rush print order so that consumed us. One of my clients decided that they want to expand more so that meant more research and collaborative efforts on their behalf in addition to strategy. PLUS another client is having employee issues so that’s BIG. This threw homeschooling for a loop because it meant I had to multitask and y’all know I hate that shit.🙄 But we are troopers so you know we knocked it all out of the park.

This is the part of business and family that I am talking about when I discuss planning. If we did not plan out our week we would have been lost trying to figure it out. Instead all we had to do was shift. We also found that we can do homeschooling differently and so far we love it. Its so much easier. If you want to know about that you have to book on the site. 😉 I can’t give you everything.

Overall the week was handled like a boss and I even bought myself something nice. Oh! I was also featured in Medium so that’s hella dope!

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